Some more new stuff

Hello Internet Friends, It’s been a while. Here’s some pictures of the progress in the last few months. It feels like every win is really hard-wrought. Took a real drive somewhere in the bus last weekend, and aside from random screws and bits rolling out from crevices (they were ones I dropped, I swear!) it […]

Status update

I’ve been working mostly on electrical and lighting, some utility and improvements up front, and just trying my hardest to get the storage bay finished up down below. Crawling around on my knees in the gravel in December/January has not felt like the best use of my time, but here I am. In no particular […]

Shower stall drain

I have officially drilled my first hole through the floor. Doesn’t look like much but that’s a 4.5 inch hole all the way into the basement compartment. Locating that is a big deal because plumbing. Anyway, framing up a slim steel support box for shower stall, that will dictate kitchen cabinets, etc. I also pulled […]

New layout!

I spent some time with my wife this evening trying to fit the layout better, and I think we came up with one that works out really well. The aisle with the bunks open is 24″ wide all the way to the back. This layout includes: 24″ x24″ footprints for rv style fridge, washer/dryer stack […]