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Hello Internet Friends,

It’s been a while. Here’s some pictures of the progress in the last few months. It feels like every win is really hard-wrought. Took a real drive somewhere in the bus last weekend, and aside from random screws and bits rolling out from crevices (they were ones I dropped, I swear!) it went really well.

I have an intermittent coolant level warning light that I think is incorrect (the reservoir tank is full)

The front right hub oil is pretty dark. It’s not “burnt” but it’s enough (along with a clunk that happened twice, from the right side, when driving) that I’m taking the bus to the shop in two weeks to change oil/seals/bearings on the front right corner.

If you have any advice on those items I’m all ears.

So, pictures:

The kitchen is looking more finished now.

The beds work well.

The plumbing has been a lot of work.

Got some stainless steel on the cabinets, looks pretty nice and easy to clean.

Building cabinet latch thingers:

Metal bracket parts to hold the gas range in place.

Robot golf clubs. Ok, actually, pushrods for the cabinet latches.

Finished the stairs.

More cabinet face painting.

Storage cubbies!

View of the cabinet latch buttons and faces installed.

Fridge hold-in flanges. These are connected to the steel framework.

Here’s a shot of one of the pushrods holding the drawer in.

The range is held in with the steel brackets and screwed into place.

Hepvo vents for the plumbing

Got the ikea sink installed.

Hepvo valve for urine diversion.

Laying out a ton of plumbing parts for installation.

Some shots of the space for plumbing the various components.

Finally took the bus for a spin, first real time since simply moving from one location to another. That trip was a big deal, even if it was down the street to get hamburgers at Dick’s.


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