Status update

I’ve been working mostly on electrical and lighting, some utility and improvements up front, and just trying my hardest to get the storage bay finished up down below. Crawling around on my knees in the gravel in December/January has not felt like the best use of my time, but here I am.

In no particular order:

Overhead console and backup camera stuff. The console will have room for some other displays – map/status computer thing and an entertainment display. I want some neat bluetooth steering wheel controls to make these things “hands free” for the most part.

Side view cameras are great.

Some plumbing bits. Doing a dual pump setup – one pump does most of the work. Second pump will get called for service if water pressure sucks for a length of time. I also have hot water preheat return lines from the faucets. Pex manifold with shutoffs for all circuits.

5 Gallon pressure tank.

Sealed and insulated the truck frame from the luggage bay, since I pulled the center cover off. That was a lot of work.

Added more lights to the inside.

Got me a crapper. I’ll be tossing the urine bottle and plumbing that part directly to gray water. Turd box will stay the same for now.

The biggest deal is the bay is insulated. Oh, also got a bunch of gas springs for all the bay doors- best thing ever.

Since a couple types of heating will exist down here, I’m hoping to make it easy to avoid freezing conditions. I’d like to plumb a 110v air compressor into this stuff eventually, (for quick start up and drive offs after sitting for a few days and just general utility like tools), so I think I might also plumb an air purge system for the plumbing.



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