Some more new stuff

Hello Internet Friends, It’s been a while. Here’s some pictures of the progress in the last few months. It feels like every win is really hard-wrought. Took a real drive somewhere in the bus last weekend, and aside from random screws and bits rolling out from crevices (they were ones I dropped, I swear!) it […]

Exterior Paint

Right now I’ve switched gears and I’m preping the exterior for real paint. The weather here should be good for another month. The crappy temporary primer peels off the sheet metal I put up like a fruit roll up. I’m pretty excited to get this done. Lots of sanding and seam sealing. I’ll probably tackle […]

Forgotten Rust

So if you recognize what movie scene this is, you’ll know how I felt tonight about my entry steps… I am now working on the entry and the kneeboard/barrier/thing that keeps passengers up front from falling into the stairwell and also something to bolt the handrail onto. Since I’ve had the bus I have left […]

Shower frame

I need to come up with a shower door I’m happy with probably. The hole is drilled in the floor for the drain, so that’s cool. Door latches are nice. The entrance door closes with a nice automotive style “thunk” and locks. I have a neat spring retracting air ram and a pneumatic circuit (not […]