More plumbing completion

Plumbing (expensive!)
Propane (heavy!)
Working in the rain

The water setup is complex because I have hot water preheat to each fixture with a temperature control, and I have a reversing valve shunt set up so I can connect a pick-up line to the water panel, and pump water out of fixed vessels and other things you can’t pour. I blame all this complexity on myself.

The bottom of the propane tank is higher than the front axle.  It’s also about 17″ or so from bottom of the tank to the ground.

Here you can see the valves in their arrangement.

The propane tank bracket.

Home for the propane tank.

Assembly with mounting flanges. I am happy with how it came out.

Hot water preheat bypass. Each fixture has a return so you can reduce water waste to get hot water.

Ruby keeps the kids from driving the bus.

Water return manifold pre-installation.

Here’s my shelter out of the rain while I worked on plumbing for what seemed like forever.

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