Why steel tube frames?

Kiln dried untreated Douglas Fir 2″x4″ (actual 1.5″x3.5″) lumber is specified to weigh 1.28 lbs per linear foot. This can change with prolonged exposure to humidity and variation in suppliers, species, and other variables. 1″x1″x.065 seam weld ASTM steel tube is .814 lbs per linear foot. With ends fixed, the calculated deflection for a 4′ […]

Shower frame

I need to come up with a shower door I’m happy with probably. The hole is drilled in the floor for the drain, so that’s cool. Door latches are nice. The entrance door closes with a nice automotive style “thunk” and locks. I have a neat spring retracting air ram and a pneumatic circuit (not […]

Bunk bed idea

I think at the beginning of this project I had envisioned bunks that were fixed, like little kennels or cubbies that the kids can hide in. Recently though, I’ve come to terms with the limited space inside the bus, and I think that foldable “murphy” beds are the best option. This setup with a tall […]

Foam cake recipe.

The foam insulation is a couple layers. There are two foam layers, with the foil backing facing both the outside and the inside. I’ll describe it here: 1. Exterior Sheet metal 2. Small air gap where possible (approximately 1-2 mm) 3. 2″ polystyrene foam a. foil backing b. 2″polystyrene c. poly plastic substrate 4. Mylar […]

Floor progress

Floor support rails installed. They are cut down pressure treated 2×4’s to 2″ tall, to accommodate 2″ foam insulation. The fasteners used are 1-3/4″ self tapping hex head screws with a washer head. They are countersunk into the wood. I’ll be applying some sealing primer to the untreated surfaces of the strips, as well as […]