Propane and hot water

Propane and hot water work now, also I got the onboard water pump situation squared.


I can cook things.

Accumulator tank and instant hot water heater.

Hot water is nice. Girard GSWH-2

Proof of concept for capactive tank level monitoring system.

The cat has taken well to living on the bus.

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  2. Ryan Christie says: Reply

    Did you consider using the resistive tank level monitoring capabilities on the Venus GX?

    1. Aaron Bockelie says: Reply

      Yes, up until recently the venus gx only supported 270-30 and 0-180 ohm ranges. However, American propane senders are 0-90 so they don’t work right. With a lot of insistence from other folks and feature requests, there will soon be a custom range option which will allow me to use the venus gx manually.

      I haven’t discussed yet how I am using the MQTT tree data from Venus to run home automation. That has been working quite well.

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