Forgiving past drivers

The square door and terrible approach angle on the curbside has always bugged me. In prep for a new door I’m making the approach match the driver side.

Here is what 15 years of service mashing the curb looks like. This is the bottom of the body rib that is part of the forward door frame.

Here is the framing. Heavy c channel and angle to support the new floor pan, I’ll get that in tomorrow. It looks parallel with the ground in the photo, but its not.

Driver side for comparison, which has the same angle now.

The first step will be higher, but I don’t plan on picking up lots of kindergartners any time soon, so it’ll be fine.

After everything is together, I’ll have a removable insert to capture dirt, and present a level surface on the inside.

Lego Benny helped supervise, care of one of the kids.

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