Hand forge hinges

Got the hinges in.

I prototyped the hidden hinge arm, so the geometry works.

I was thinking about getting some arms waterjet from 3″ steel billet, but I can probably make some from a couple layers of 3″ 1/8 plate stacked after some precision bending.

This would have been easier with junkyard hinges but I wanted to retain the bluebird air ram and pivot for opening and closing.

I also got the stair floor pan in but forgot to take a pic.

So I have these freakishly large hidden radius hinges I made from flat bar stock.

I hand forged 1/8″ x 3″ flat stock, and then forged a second layer formed and welded to the first. They are strong enough to hold a door for sure. I got one hinge fully complete but it got late and I’ll weld the second layer on hinge #2 tomorrow. I then tempered the hinges so they wouldn’t bend all to hell. It was a pain in the ass.

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