New Bus

I purchased a 1998 Blue Bird All American – I knocked the price down a bit so the place I bought it from would do a hub seal repair and fresh batteries. I am planning on building an RV.

We drove it around the block and it seemed to run good, without any hard shifting and made lots of power. I hear there’s a possible way to give it a second overdrive for 6th gear as well.

My goals are to get the seats out, pull the old subfloor, and replace all the plywood. The storage boxes below I’ll get some marine grade ply or something to resist the moisture better.

I see a lot of people taking out the steel headliner and replacing the insulation. Is the insulation in those busses that terrible? It seems to me if I were to do a metal stud wall construction, the ceiling would make a great place to rivet walls to.

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Dad, this is embarrassing.


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