Cargo Dinner Design

We went out for dinner last night, and all three girls were drawing their bus design ideas on the back of the kids menus. I hope they’re this enthusiastic when I’m removing dry rotted plywood and a grillion bus seats.

After the comments about the insulation, I’m considering pulling one or two panels to inspect the insulation and either put it right back, or pull it all down and replace with foil backed hard foam. I like some of the other techniques I’ve seen replacing with wood paneling and whatnot, but I think that steel lends a lot of strength to the body. I am also most comfortable working with metal over other materials.

As for the lower cargo area, I’m pretty excited to have that, there is a ton of room in there for the utility closet/garage as far as water tanks and generators and whatnot go.

I forgot to add, it seems like it’s got 5 speeds, and turns over about 1600 RPM @ 65 MPH indicated.

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