Power Interconnect

The power interconnect that joins the battery enclosure to the power systems was a big deal for me to get right.

I used two large conduit runs for the cabling. One run carries the negative conductors and the other the positive. The 4/0 cable is the 200 Amp power bus, and the 2/0 cable is the 100 Amp power bus. They’re seperated out by positive cables in one conduit, and negative cables in the other conduit.

The negative conduit also carries some data cables and the E-Stop circuit.

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  1. How are you cooling your battery enclosure? Is is through that PVC pipe?

    1. Aaron Bockelie says: Reply

      The battery doesn’t really need cooling. In the leaf, the battery modules were in a sealed metal enclosure under the vehicle. The actual maximum draw on the batteries is low enough that they do not heat under load or charge. The warmest they get is in direct sunlight exposure in say, Arizona, in september. They’ll reach ambient temperature outside (104F/40C) then cool off.

      There is a heater for cold weather however. The batteries do not go below about 68F/20C even if it’s below freezing outside.

  2. I’m interested in the details of your total power system. Was the design something you put together, or did you piece various kits together? Secondly, is it possible for you to share the details of your system, including the fire suppression foreign?
    Tony P.

    1. Aaron Bockelie says: Reply

      The system I put together is from components, there is no kit or design basis for it. The fire supression system is from Blazecut. Take a look at the T200ES, which has the pressure switch for automatic shutdown control. https://www.blazecutusa.com/products/t200es

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