Shower frame

I need to come up with a shower door I’m happy with probably. The hole is drilled in the floor for the drain, so that’s cool.

Door latches are nice. The entrance door closes with a nice automotive style “thunk” and locks. I have a neat spring retracting air ram and a pneumatic circuit (not shown) that pops the latch, then proceeds to use the air ram to open the door. Sequencing is all mechanical so I won’t break stuff. I just noticed you can barely see through the bottom window the old metal bar for the “vandal lock” on the original bus door, laying on the ground. Man that thing really sucked.

Some more significant framing. This is the dresser/closet frame for the rear bed. It’ll get some slider doors for access, and probably some sort of birch wood finish paneling. The full size murphy bed folds up against this.

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