Status update

I’ve been working mostly on electrical and lighting, some utility and improvements up front, and just trying my hardest to get the storage bay finished up down below. Crawling around on my knees in the gravel in December/January has not felt like the best use of my time, but here I am. In no particular […]

Adding some windows

First new window in place. Without trim rings rv window are cheap and impossible to install in a conventional rv. 16 gauge steel makes it “no problem” The aluminum flange is too thin to effectively countersink panhead screws, so stainless fasteners backed with trim washers on the outside. The trim washer spreads the load, and […]

Progress update

Over the last month or two not a lot got done, well lots of little stuff I guess. Also the last three weeks our entire family has been sick with flu/cold/lung crud sinus infections. Wipers put together Heated mirrors re-wired installed bumper seat belt stuff, dash things, some engine bits The biggest project has been […]