Unimog repair

So, some progress with stuff – prerequisites, if you will. The welder has been fixed up. A new wire drive wheel, some offroad casters, and weld the damn cart together because it’s been falling apart on this bus build. To re-christen the welder and get some stuff done, I cut out the rust in the […]

Floor test

My wife wanted to try out the flooring material to see what it would look like. The metal shavings and crap from building stuff finally got cleaned out for the first real time, so the kids came in to play. You can see me mocking up the drawer dividers for the kitchen. I am building […]

Bunk bed idea

I think at the beginning of this project I had envisioned bunks that were fixed, like little kennels or cubbies that the kids can hide in. Recently though, I’ve come to terms with the limited space inside the bus, and I think that foldable “murphy” beds are the best option. This setup with a tall […]