Shower frame

I need to come up with a shower door I’m happy with probably. The hole is drilled in the floor for the drain, so that’s cool. Door latches are nice. The entrance door closes with a nice automotive style “thunk” and locks. I have a neat spring retracting air ram and a pneumatic circuit (not […]

Shower stall drain

I have officially drilled my first hole through the floor. Doesn’t look like much but that’s a 4.5 inch hole all the way into the basement compartment. Locating that is a big deal because plumbing. Anyway, framing up a slim steel support box for shower stall, that will dictate kitchen cabinets, etc. I also pulled […]

Adding some windows

First new window in place. Without trim rings rv window are cheap and impossible to install in a conventional rv. 16 gauge steel makes it “no problem” The aluminum flange is too thin to effectively countersink panhead screws, so stainless fasteners backed with trim washers on the outside. The trim washer spreads the load, and […]

Door skin

Door structure put together, and its skinned. The filler panel forward of the hinge is clecoed into place. Everything seems to fit and line up. Next is some minor detail work on the door, and the inner seal frame on the vehicle side. Eventually I’ll get the windows for the bus – I am planning […]