Pantry and Fridge Latch System

Several people have asked how we keep the fridge doors latched. Basically, we use a door lock latch, like this one. (Click for details!)

Door Lock Latch

We started with adhesive child lock latches on the fridge, but it was weak and would pop open occasionally for a big surprise when driving – not the safest.

The inspiration came from the pantry system I built, which used a double set of these latches from the beginning. They were holding back a pretty significant weight from rolling open.

I made a slight adjustment by putting the latch on a small extension. It keeps the fridge and freezer from opening fairly well. Maybe someday I’ll replace it with a matching color.

I think I installed that latch somewhere in Montana after getting tired of it popping open, and the hardware store only had a brown one.

In addition to the latches for the fridge and pantry, we have a different style of cabinet latch for the drawers. I used some marine latch buttons, that look nice.

These latches I modified slightly by extending the button to the front, and the latch at the rear on each of the drawers, to account for the type of frame I used. With a little bit of planning they work quite well.

Here’s a typical pushrod adapter setup for one of the bigger drawers. You can see how there’s a rail guide and mount point for remote installation of the latch, which is presented forward to the face.

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  1. Hello, I really like the shelf in your kitchen and in particular the underneath storage which you use for storing fruit. May I ask where you sourced the black metal “underneath shelf” as well as the baskets that are kept there?

    Thank you so much in advance.


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