An actual trip to somewhere!

We took a trip a couple weekends ago, two passes in the PNW, I-90 and US-2 and stayed at a friend’s house in Cle Elum.

I-90 pavement expansion joints are a bit of a boneshaker. I am going to try dropping tire pressure 10 psi in the front (100 right now) and replace shocks in the front.

The downhill grade on I-90 wasn’t bad, without any retarder system all I have is full transmission lockup and brakes.

Then we stopped outside of Leavenworth, since this was during “Oktoberfest” everything was packed. We got a lot of produce though! 

Torwards the end of the day we looped around back to Wenatchee, then stayed the night at a friends place in Cle Elum.

The next day we went back down I-90 and headed to Yakima, checked out some fruit stands, then dithered around and came back through the river Gorge.

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