Primer materials

I’m using Omni MP243 aka spray mud as the primer. Its specified as a DTM primer if its clean steel. A light sanding afterward yields a completely adequate subsurface for topcoat. I thought I’d hate working with rivets and crappy surfaces that will never get fixed (usually I’m block sanding everything) but I have embraced the infinite imperfection that is a school bus body.

One bummer is being a polyester primer, I’m setting myself up for a week of pain while I go directly from priming to single stage epoxy topcote since its a bit porous and I don’t want to risk absorption.

Upper half will be a vanilla whiteish color, rub rails black, skirt black. Maybe some sort of wanderlodgesque detail as well.

I’m seam sealing all the rails and panels and crud. I’ll probably leave some gaps in the sealer on the bottom side of the rails to allow moisture to drain out still.

I’m using upol tiger seal. Its easy to use, aggressive, easy to tool, and dries firm and flexible.


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