Exterior Paint

Right now I’ve switched gears and I’m preping the exterior for real paint. The weather here should be good for another month.

The crappy temporary primer peels off the sheet metal I put up like a fruit roll up. I’m pretty excited to get this done. Lots of sanding and seam sealing. I’ll probably tackle the prep and primer in 10 foot sections, then when the time comes to apply color, I’ll want to scuff the primer and paint in one big, long go.

At least the original body on the bus will be easy. It’ll be cool to have it be one color.

I would add that the coating I added didn’t really “fail”, its just not what I would trust long term. It did the job: protect vehicle long enough for us to have a better place to paint it right.

I remember two years ago (holy cow two years) I was dangling off a blackberry covered cliff on a ladder trying to get something onto the new metal. I also hung all the steel in torrential downpour weather. Hopefully I can get this thing wrapped up with a nice coat of real epoxy paint before fall starts. I don’t want to have to worry about major paint work for at least 5 years.

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