Still here…

I’m still here. Bus is too, along with the rest of the family.

We moved recently into a new house at the beginning of October. We had to basically move twice while looking for a house after our last one sold.

I can’t help but feel there’s a bunch of people out there who have taken a full dive into a lifted roof bus build and are anxiously awaiting the next step to take, like some sort of pottery class or something. 

Or maybe…

If you haven’t started on your own project, DO IT. Start now. Seriously. There’s no reason to wait, and there’s no reason you can’t build it better, faster, and cheaper than what I’ve done so far.

It takes a while to get back on your feet with a family of 4 kids. I’m still putting stuff away. There’s also a Unimog in the mix that needs some help with rust, the minivan that needed new tires, the motorcycle that needed new tires and some love, the house itself, and of course the kids and job and other things. Somewhere in that mix my wife might want some attention from me as well. There are a lot of items to attend to.

All these things have taken up the available space in my life I use to work on the bus project. I haven’t lost interest.

With the weather being wet and cold, and next steps being either painting or exterior fabrication (rebuilding the entrance door) it’s difficult to find time and motivation for it.

Another thing I’ve been working on is possibly writing up a more detailed document regarding what has been done so far. I will not be the one who said I know what I’m doing at all, but it seems to have worked out OK so far.

Sit tight and I’ll get back to the bus project. It won’t be forever. If you want to lend a hand let me know, I could use the help! More importantly, start your own project.

Stop planning the same things over and over again without laying tools to steel, or paint to something, or stepping on the gas pedal, or whatever other metaphor you’re comfortable with. Proceed to the next step so you don’t have to wait for the next forum post.

Now that I’ve finished giving myself a pep talk, it’s back to work on things for me, which include my bus project.

Here’s the bus as it sits (with brand new tires, ready to drive) in the driveway with its friends.

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