Bunk bed fabrication started

I have spent all of my spare time on a parts drafting project so there hasn’t been any progress on the bunks for the last, oh, week. Sigh.

I at least managed to weld together the support frames. They’re constructed in such a way to allow them to be transported through the front door.

Next steps are to locate the appropriate hinge pins, and build the brackets to fasten the support frames to both the bus chair rail and wall ribs.

Below are some photos illustrating the size. Its basically 12 linear feet of bedding. When closed, this “wall” will intrude about 12 inches into the cabin. It will end up a little deeper than that, since I plan on building stowable flat chairs and desks that mount on the underside of the bunk frames. (there’s a reason they’re built as if you could park a car on them)

I’m pretty excited about this arrangement because it gives all of us a workspace we can use, which I feel is important.

This is just one unit.

This is both units next to each other, as they will be in the bus.

I’m pretty happy at how all the framing is coming together – I’m trying hard to keep things measurably accurate. I clamped the two frames together and they seem to be the same, within probably 1/32″

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