Thinking about the next steps

So, after the exterior is properly prepared to resist the elements this winter, I’ll of course be working on the interior. My thoughts were to first get the insulation installed, followed by walls and a proper floor. Then eventually a few windows.For example, I plan on adding significant solar capability to the vehicle in the future via large monocrystaline panels on the roof (the kind that can curve). I’ve been researching generators and their costs for an effective unit, and it seems like a much better idea to adapt a boondocking approach with a follow up of plug into a power panel. All these items mean a lot of cash, so I’m looking at a modular approach where possible.

Here’s a list of all the big dollar items I can think of right now.

  • Significant battery bank to draw from, probably two 24 volt banks of t-105 batteries, for 8 batteries in total
  • battery monitoring and watering system
  • inverter system
  • solar charge system
  • diesel furnace
  • split 48 volt aircon system
  • additional 48 volt alternator for maintaining banks when engine running
  • ~10x 100 watt panels on roof, for up to 500 watts per battery bank capacity
  • small auxiliary generator, such as the 2000 watt honda inverter generator (I wish they made a diesel version!)
  • chest fridge
  • water tanks
  • propane tank(s)?
  • composting toilet
  • cooking aparatus (induction stovetop? propane range?)To start with, I’d like to just plan on a 50 amp electrical service that needs to be plugged in. Literally some electric space heaters and a 12 volt led based illumination system.As budget and time permits, I’d fill in the other components of the “master plan”. By building with the steel frame construction and pre-allocating space for equipment, I think I can work around the major problems or refitting components later.

    Anyway, just sort of thinking out loud.

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