Roof raise lines

Which cut line is better? I prefer the straight back instead of the uh “fast back”, but the straight back will be a bit more work to pull off.

Straight back

“Fast” Back

I’ve read in a few places that endcaps are not really supposed to be messed with. When looking at it closely, I see a number of things that tell me someone has gone through some thought on them:

* Rib spar connection bolts at the front and rear are brazed so the threads won’t come undone
* Front rib is doubled up
* A ton of bucked rivets connecting the skin to the cap
* Deep draw stamping to lend the sheet metal considerable strength

All of those are why I am considering the sloped rear end. When you mentioned adding a new rear cap, you gave me an idea I’m going to work on. I’ll leave the end cap and rib, as well as a small stub of the original roof. Then I can rivet on a small roof extension on the lifted section, getting me flush with the rear wall, and instead of a full rib, I’ll cut a sheet panel in the same arch and connect it together for the rear end. Then I can just rivet the bottom of that to the end cap.

Possibly clear as mud, when I have a moment I’ll sketch it out.

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