Ceiling panel thoughts

So I guess I’m pulling down the interior roof panels. I thought about leaving them up until after raising the roof to get more rigidity, but decided they’d just get in the way more.

Also since there will be a height transition in the front, they will get in the way for that too.

I don’t mind some marring and scratching around the pop rivet area, so I am finding this is the fastest removal process:

With an air impact point tip, knock out the center of the rivet.
Next, use the same tool and bit to work the rivet loose so it’s head is no longer flush to the sheet.
Finally with a giant pair of flush cutters (they have handles a foot long) work under edge of lifted rivet head and squeeze, then while squeezed rotate 90 degrees and pry/roll the rivet out, removing it like you would a nail with a claw hammer. I can take down a whole row of rivets in about 15 minutes that way.

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